Let’s Reclaim #Standby

After certain remarks at the first presidential debate, the hashtags #ProudBoys #StandDown and #StandBy started trending. It didn't take long before many in our industry took over #ProudBoys along with #PrideBoys to flood their feeds. It was suggested in a couple Facebook groups that we stage managers (and others we work with, too!) should do our part to take #Standby.

In order to combine with several other pertinent hashtags keeping up awareness of our struggle during the pandemic. Here's what I wrote:

In #LiveEvents we know that a #Standby means a GO is coming. #WearAMask so my industry can return. #WeMakeEvents #RedAlert #ShowUsYourScripts #stagemanager #yearofthestagemanager

I need to add #viable and #ArtsAreViable next time, which are popular hashtags with my British friends right now.

You can find my versions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

A stage manager has one finger up in standby as acrobat lower to the stage
I love this photo taken of me by photographer Jonathan Melot, during Cirque Dreams Holidaze 2019.

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