This area is under construction (AND ESPECIALLY now since converting my website when things didn’t transfer well…sigh), but take a gander at what’s here so far….

Check out this gallery of photos taken by Denver Post photographer Hyoung Chang in December of 2021, when I was interviewed about the unemployment Facebook group I moderate. It gives you a peek at what my setup looks like for stage managing virtual events from home.

Embed from Getty Images

Check out the Las Vegas Sun gallery of photos from Nevada Ballet Theatre’s 2017 production of The Nutcracker. (Two are pictured below, more available via the link.) In a rare occurance, the stage manager – me! – is included. Photo credit: Christopher DeVargas.

Photo from side stage of the Nutcracker

BELOW: The chamber opera Scalia/Ginsburg was performed as a double bill with Trial by Jury. Photo courtesy of the Opera Naples Facebook page.

Elliot Wasserman and Erin Joy Swank in superhero outfits

ABOVE: I love to do Superhero Tech Days when possible, to increase energy on what’s often a long day. It’s great fun when others join in, as this photo that was included in Equity’s #LoveMySMs social media campaign. BELOW: Cirque Dreams Holidaze 2019, photo courtesy of their Facebook page.

LEFT: Boston Lyric Opera Education put together this video explaining various jobs in opera. While my friend Julie is the one talking during the Stage Management section, you can spot me in the accompanying video several times (closeup at 2:52 especially and in all clips through 3:07), as many of the backstage and preshow video clips were taken during the time I stage managed The Barber of Seville there. Look for the black-and-white Escher-inspired revolving set featured several times. That’s our fly rail and automation in the “Stage Crew” section too.