Second Interview for Western Stage Manager Delegate

Rebecca Prescott's image as her Inquiring Actor logoInquiring Actor, Rebecca Prescott, chatted with me today about my delegate campaign for Western Region Stage Manager Delegate Candidate in the current Actors’ Equity Association election. As a pre-interview question she asked what my 4 or 5 word campaign slogan was. I’m somewhere between “Better Communication” and “Let’s Communicate.” This means both directions, the union to members (and back), business reps to stage managers, NYC to LA (let alone all of us in between), small budget contracts to bigger ones, and of course any information anyone has on getting back to work from this pandemic. I do feel that with my experience working around the country on a variety of shows, with a variety of budgets – and particularly with all of the stage manager gatherings I’ve hosted nationally and online – I am in a better “listening” position than many have held.

We’ll see how this election goes! In the meantime, here’s a link to the Facebook video.

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