Benefit Year Expiration and Third Stimulus (Colorado Unemployment Specific)

For many unemployed Coloradans – and other states too – their benefit year ends today, Saturday, March 13, 2021. I managed to get my husband into the system on Friday the 13th, when our live entertainment world had already started shutting down. At that point he had already done two early load-outs of shows, because corporations – especially international and nationaly touring – were already shuttering things. Before any government lockdown. I was so glad I got him in, because the Colorado unemployment system – and many other states across the country – was overwhelmed on Monday, March 15th. Short version – a LOT of people have just hit their one year mark in the system. This blog post will focus on how to do things specifically in the Colorado system; check your own state for variations.

Last night, the MyUI+ unemployment system went down for maintenance for a longer session than the usual 10p-3am dark time, in order to program for the recently-signed third federal stimulus. I pleasantly awoke to many of our 8000+ members of our Colorado Unemployment/PEUC/PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) Q&A Facebook group saying that their weeks were indeed added. Huzzah, one less stress.

Recap of the Third Stimulus

First, on the pandemic extension:

  • The end date is listed in accounts as September 4, 2021; the federal bill states September 6, but this is the closest week-ending date for Colorado
  • The extension is for up to 29 weeks, but most will get less than that as it does run out by the above mentioned date – this is how the federal bill is worded, not any screw up by CDLE; in our case it is 25 weeks of new benefits (March 14 to September 4) though the new balance does reflect 29 additional weeks (plus the one week we will request tomorrow from 2nd stimulus, for a total of 30 weeks as of today)
    • EDIT: If you are in PEUC round ONE, you likely still have to wait for that first 13 weeks to hit a $0 balance, then PEUC2 weeks will be added; if you are UI and exhausting for the first time, wait for a $0 balance, then “Apply for Federal Extension Benefits” via the left navigation
    • EDIT, 3/14: Per the Extended Benefits page of the MyUI+ Dashboard, “These additional weeks [For both PUA and PEUC] can only be paid out for benefit weeks after 3/13/21.”
    • EDIT, 3/14: Some people (not all, and so far I haven’t figured out WHO sees this – I don’t) are getting a message that if you are on a pandemic extension you must now re-apply for standard benefits every three months to determine your eligibility; I’m not sure exactly what the timeframe is for each person either, as to who gets the message to do it when [EDIT 4/1 – it’s definitely for at least those on PUA: April 1 filing looks at a new base period from January to December 2020, then one in July will look at April 2020 to March 2021 and so on]
  • The $300 FPUC (Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation) add-on will be given to anyone who makes at least $1 in unemployment benefits for a given week; this also has a September 6 date in the new bill – to be on the cautious side, let’s assume that’s also only until September 4 and be pleasantly surprised if one more week appears
  • CORRECTION 3/15 – CDLE clarified that yes, Mixed Earners Unemployment Compensation (MEUC) is mentioned in this stimulus after all; many states, including Colorado, have still not figured out how to program this extra $100/week for those who are in UI but also had $5000 net in 1099 work; it will only be in effect, back paid, starting December 27, 2020
  • The first $10,200 of 2020 unemployment compensation is now not taxable – this equals the 17 weeks of $600 FPUC from the summer
    • UPDATE 3/17: The IRS has adjusted their online form for this now; stay tuned to whatever method you use to see if their tax software is ready yet [No, Colorado STATE taxes won’t take this same deduction, as it occurred after the tax year was over]
    • We don’t know if any bill will be created for 2021 FPUC, so assume it is taxable for now
    • This did not account for the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) $300 from the fall; it is still taxable, as is the one-time $375 Colorado Polis Stimulus (more on 1099Gs here)
    • EDIT 3/17 – The new tax filing deadline is officially May 17.
  • I’m personally intrigued to learn where things get finalized with COBRA subsidies, as my husband is on it now, and I lost my health insurance and went to an Affordable Care Act plan…would love to get my old insurance back

What Do I Do if My Benefit Year Expires?

EDIT 3/25 – I’ve added PUA info at the bottom of this section…

Funny you ask, because the short version is one of the Frequently Asked Questions in the new MyUI+ Dashboard. You can access it via a gray box at the bottom of the main CDLE website. I will say that the internal links of the dashboard occasionally change as they retitle them (it’s built in a Google site), so I’m going to only link the main page. Look in the navigation bar for other areas. As of this writing, here is their information:

“When your benefit year expires, you will be prompted through your MYUI+ account to file a new standard UI claim. If that claim is deemed ineligible by either lack of W2 wages or not meeting Double Dip requirements, MYUI+ will move you back to your expired claim to continue collecting benefits using the federal extension programs.”

We’ll get to Double Dip later. I just helped my husband do his today and I’ll walk you through what happened to us.

EDIT 3/22 I guess I need to spell this out……………..if your benefit year end is a week from now, or some other time in the future, you don’t have the option to do this yet! You do it when the option appears in your left hand navigation. And yes, your claim is “over” whichever of the following happens first: you hit your benefit year end date OR you hit a $0 balance. And if it’s a $0 balance and you’re on regular UI, then you file for a pandemic extension. I discuss in just a few paragraphs whether to do it the day it shows up or wait.

First – something I neglected to do – take a screenshot of what your home page currently says regarding balance, end date, and your program. You’ll want to be able to refer to it as there will be some confusion during this (explained later). In our case we also had four days to complete this application after starting to do it before we’d have to start over – doublecheck your own date – if you need to round up more answers.

In the left navigation of MyUI+, you likely now have the option, “Apply for Standard UI Benefits.”

Screenshot of unemployment left navigation with "Apply for Standard UI Benefits" circled in red
A new option has appeared in your navigation if eligible/needed

Note, if your left navigation ever gives you this option, or “Apply for Pandemic Claim” or “Reopen Your Claim,” and you don’t have a chance to do a weekly certification when you should, this is likely why. Also check here if your account says it is Inactive.

EDIT 4/3 – Should I do it on Saturday when it appears, or wait?

First recommendation, in hindsight – find your copy of the claim you submitted a year ago, especially if you worked for multiple employers before, like a previously-employed union stagehand of live entertainment. You also need to know all the employers you worked for since October 2019 right now, as that is the beginning of your new base period. Likely, it is all already in the MyUI+ system, but you will need to verify they got it all. When I had to do this several weeks ago, I definitely had to add out-of-state income that Colorado can’t find as easily. New to the MyUI+ system, grab any 1099 Independent Contractor work you’ve done, too, if you earn both ways.

You will be asked if you have worked since the last time you said you did in the MyUI+ system. For my husband, that’s why this starts on March 15th, his last day of work; though he filed March 12th, he worked four mour hours we weren’t expecting that Sunday. Mine was later since I had worked and reported more recent wages.

First Set of Questions: One question about past work SINCE YOUR LAST YEARLY CLAIM; Second question is likely the last date you reported wages to UI, if they are different dates

Then it will ask you for the work you’ve done since your base period began.

Second section of past work questions – base periods are a year long, but not including the most recent quarter….so October 2019 currently

Then you have to answer questions that will open up different new questions based on your answers.

Your answers to this will affect the rest of your claim and each person’s experience may vary.

In my husband’s case, on the next page it recognized four employers in the system, but I had to verify for each:

  • Reasons you stopped working for your employers (in our case – laid off, then lack of work as a secondary answer)
  • Employment start and end dates (luckily, I could copy these from that original claim, adjusting for the ONE additional date he worked after filing the first time)
  • Rate of pay – hourly rate, hours worked per week, and whether overtime was received (since his overtime was rare, I just put no in general)

My section had a whole section for out of state employment because I had answered that way. As mentioned, when I did it, I also had to add employers it hadn’t recognized from another state, as well as 1099 compensation that hadn’t been recorded. We also had a fun wrinkle that one listed a DBA (Doing Business As) name that is the main name we had, and it was harder to verify, but hopefully this doesn’t apply to you. [Warning to Local 7 stagehands, the SMG one is confusing; it only lists one, not two…we finally just went with it and said, “sure, that’s the one…” as we knew ultimately he was going to get denied for Double Dip anyway. And I have our W2s to prove what we thought it meant as backup.]

Two W2s and the MyUI+ screen showing different names for the same company
Sigh….we always have two W2s based on the venue, but can’t tell which of these they mean. We can always correct when he gets a wage benefit determination, if needed.

After completing all of your new sections, review your answers. Take your own screenshot of this, and the confirmation notice after you have submitted your claim.

OKAY, HERE’S THE CONFUSING PART (or two)… As you are doing this, all of your old pandemic extension information is going to disappear. Your past weekly certifications, your past determinations, all of it. Don’t panic. This is why I said to take a screenshot….

When you have finished submitting the new claim…

Log out and log back in. 

OPTION 1: It goes back to PEUC or PUA

In our case, and also for many others in my Facebook group, suddenly the pandemic extension did reappear. In my husband’s case in Basic Information it was back to Program Type: PEUC2, and all pending issues went to zero. It still had his benefit year ending as 3/13/2021, but his benefit amount went up, his past weekly certifications came back, and he’s now “Exhausted_Active.” [Edit: Soon after, and continuing now, he is “Expired_Active”. That means yes, he’s been through it a year, and yes, he’s still active in the system. And yes, his benefit year end is still the same old 2021 date; you can look in Issues & Determinations for any new ending dates – PEUC and PUA on 9/4, and the UI one in 2022.] We assume he’ll be able to claim tomorrow as normal (he did). As I mentioned above, the new balance for him is 29 weeks plus the one he will claim tomorrow from the 2nd stimulus. HOWEVER, it is set to expire September 4th, so he likely will only get 25 new weeks. Also, it managed to switch him to “preferred Electronic” for correspondence, and we prefer paper for him….not sure if we had changed it, or the system had, but I had to go back in and edit that back to US Mail by checking “no.”

EDIT 3/13 (yes, less than an hour later, based on questions): Do be prepared to be denied for Double Dip overnight or sometime in the next few days, but again don’t panic. [EDIT 3/14 – we haven’t received anything yet for my husband; when I did this process in January mine took 4 or 5 days to receive. EDIT 4/7 – see the section below that they may in fact have stopped looking at Double Dip momentarily.] The fact that many are already moved back to PEUC2 makes me think you’ll be just fine. And that’s the next section….You’re also likely to receive paperwork to verify they got the wages right. If it’s right, you don’t have to do anything with it...that’s when I can check on this silly SMG thing for my husband for one thing. And if you’re out of state, there will likely be several more back-and-forths to find those wages. Whee. We need a federal system. EDIT 3/14 – See the Double Dip section next if you get approved for an amount that is lower than your previous weekly benefit, and the federal stimulus provision for that too. [Then again, log out and back in, or wait until the next day, to see if you go back to your old one.]

OPTION 2: You get a UI determination for the same or Higher as your previous PEUC rate

EDIT 3/29 – If your weekly benefit goes UP this time, then don’t worry if you get suddenly a LOWER balance. Take that balance and divide by the new weekly benefit to see how many weeks of UI you have. After that you would be eligible for PEUC but you likely don’t have the same number of weeks you had of PEUC in your balance. It’s also why UI is good for “up to” 26 weeks, as you likely won’t get all 26 weeks this time. After you hit $0, you’ll file for PEUC.

FYI for PUA people

EDIT 3/25 & 4/3 – For PUA people, you do now have to re-apply for Standard UI every three months, starting 4/1. Do it if the option is in your left navigation. This is a federal requirement; they want to check that you’re not eligible for any STATE money (UI) before putting you on FEDERAL money (PUA, and also PEUC). Here are some tips from someone else in my Facebook group:

You will say yes, you were employed in Colorado, then totally skip the wage/employer Section. It will take you to a questionnaire about self employment. Fill that out as if you were still able to work normal but in the additional comments section explain why you can’t anymore.

It will find you ineligible and then in your menu the option to apply for a federal extension will appear after you log out or maybe tomorrow. Fill that out and submit. You should be approved pretty quick and be able to request back pay to Dec 27 but you will not be paid until you do ID me.

DO NOT do anything with your correspondences that will come in.

What is that confusing Double Dip?

It too is one of the Frequently Asked Questions in the new MyUI+ Dashboard. As of this writing, here is their information:

“Double Dip refers to the employers and wages we are using to calculate a claimant’s weekly benefit amount. Once a claim expires, and a new claim is filed, we will look at a new base period to calculate a new weekly benefit amount. If there has not been at least $2,000 of new wages earned since the start date of the expired claim, then that claimant would be charging the same employer a second time, thus “Double Dipping” on that employer. In this scenario, the claimant does not meet Double Dip.

When a claim is filed, it is good for a full year before it expires. If a claim expires, and the claimant is still unemployed, they are able to file a new claim. If the claimant has not earned at least $2,000 in new wages since the file date of the original claim, then that claimant has not met Double Dip and does not qualify for a new claim.”

So – remember, this Double Dip thing is for NORMAL, non-pandemic determinations. If you hadn’t worked at all in the same year, they don’t want you asking for money twice from the same employer – that would be double-dipping. That said, the federal stimulus provides for people who would fail usually, and not be eligible for that UI claim, to then head over into a pandemic extension (or return to it, as is the case for most of us).

UPDATE 3/24 – someone in our Facebook group said a representative told them they have TURNED OFF the Double Dip requirement/ask for the moment, as it was causing too many issues. Frankly, this almost makes sense to me. My husband has not received his denial yet AND even if you are denied, you’re going to go back to PEUC at this point, unless your new UI claim is higher.

But what if you DID make more than $2000 in that time period? Have no fear, there is also wording to cover that – though occasionally it gets caught briefly in programming. The program is supposed to look at both your 2021 Weekly Benefit Amount and your 2020 one, and compare the difference. If the new one is lower by at least $25, then you are to be put at the 2020 rate as long as the federal stimulus is available. No, I don’t know what happens after September 4th, but hopefully our worlds are much better then. We’ve got months to figure that part out. Anyway, the programming is supposed to be in place. Give it a couple days to sort back and forth – without panicking, please – and then if it sits there wrong for longer, start following up with a phone call. (I recommend starting with your local Workforce, where they can do a “chat” with CDLE reps; and Wednesday-Friday, they can even do a three-way phone call. These are the real reps, unlike those in the beleagured conversion call center.)

EDIT 3/21 – I’m gonna try to clarify Double Dip again….Double dip is about the amount of money you have earned since you filed a year ago, ie March 2020 to now. It doesn’t matter if there are earnings they didn’t count in your base period (October 2019 to the day you filed in March 2020, as I write this PRIOR to April 1, 2021; if you’re thinking about a new benefit year after April 1, then your new base period starts January 2020). In a NORMAL non-pandemic time frame, if you haven’t earned at least $2000 since you filed a year ago, then they don’t want you double-dipping on the same employer that they already “charged” for your unemployment. THAT SAID, the stimulus wording has thought about this. You get DENIED for UI if you haven’t made $2000, and you can STAY on PEUC for most people (if eligible due to COVID, yada yada). MEANWHILE, if you DID make at least $2000 since then, you’d get a new UI determination. Obviously, this year it’s likely to be a MUCH LOWER weekly benefit amount. THEY THOUGHT OF THAT TOO. There is wording in the new stimulus that compares the new UI benefit with the old PEUC one, and if the new one is at least $25 lower, then they put you on PEUC again if it’s active and available, i.e, through September 2021. (I can’t tell you exactly how PUA fits into all of this with exact amounts needed, but it’s similar with the pandemic possibilities of extensions.)

EDIT 3/22, to put it ANOTHER way: Frankly, I wouldn’t worry about how they count it as Double Dip or not. The outcomes will be one of the following:

  1. It’s considered a valid UI claim, for an amount very close to your current weekly benefit, if not more.
  2. It’s considered a valid UI claim, but for a lower weekly benefit….but if that difference is more than $25, you’re put on PEUC at the old rate again.
  3. You’re considered as Double Dipping for not having made enough and NOT a valid UI claim…but if you are unemployed due to COVID, they put you on your old PEUC again

They’re trying to figure out whether you’re paid via state (UI) or federal (PEUC or PUA) money. The feds want to charge the state directly if they can, rather than using federal money, so they will check for UI first. And Double Dip is a process that was around pre-pandemic that must be gone through on the way there.

Yes, There are Still Some Glitches, if fewer

Would it surprise you if I told you this information, too, is in the new MyUI+ Dashboard? It’s in the page titled, “MyUI+ Health Check.”

Yellow caution triangle with an exclamation point
In Progress

They finally took my advice and at least moved the problem-children issues up to the TOP. They had listed the fixes first (with a green all-good icon), and if someone had a SIMILAR issue that said fixed, they would freak out and say, “Nuh-uh! I still have issues!” not realizing their glitch was in fact still listed later in yellow or red.

Briefly this week, my own Double Dip issue had moved from yellow (in process) to green (fixed). Later in the day, they realized it hadn’t worked for everyone, so it went back to yellow. I had this issue – I had not received any new payments as of my new benefit year. Thursday morning I did in fact receive back payment for all those missing weeks. Others have not yet. So, there is a chance that if you file for a new benefit year, you may fall into this glitch as well, but don’t panic yet. It’s being deployed in nightly batches as well.

See the Dashboard for any additional glitches.

There is also a whole backlog in verifications – part of it is because there are categories of triggers that fall into “egregious” categories, and can’t lift that hold alone. One of the more troubling to people is that it catches accounts that have more than one going to the same bank account. Even if you change it now, it will still read that they had been the same at one point. This takes a human to look at and verify, and there is a big ugly backup. I’m sorry.

Also, YES, it’s been a year………

One year ago, on March 13, 2021, my original Navigating Unemployment for Theatre Artists blog post (written February 2019, about what you need to gather to file for the first time) had 500 hits alone on that day as the live entertainment industry – and particularly theatre, noticably Broadway shut down. I offered my blog to every theatrical pandemic resource I could find. It’s now been a full year. We are still #standingby and we’ll be back. Here’s how some of us commemorated yesterday.

And then there was this fun one posted on Instagram by Rob McClure, that I just can’t figure out how to embed properly….

34 thoughts on “Benefit Year Expiration and Third Stimulus (Colorado Unemployment Specific)”

  1. Oh my goodness! This blog is amazing. I can’t believe I didn’t run across your blog last spring- it definitely would’ve helped me and many of my colleagues. Thank you so much for your labor and specifics. Stage managers know best.

  2. First you are amazing for doing all this. Second, if I may ask for clarification.

    If my benefit year ends 4/13 but it says my I reopened my claim in Feb and my effective end date (exhausted_active) is 9/4, I still have to reapply, correct?

    Since I haven’t worked, they will not go back to employers but just throw me into this new round of PEUC that we are in. Is that right?

    If I never see an option to file a claim, then I don’t have to? When the last extension came, I received a letter explicitly staying they could only pay me until 4/10. I have not received one this go around?

    1. Hi Susan. Thanks for the compliment.

      So – we’ve gotten word that PUA and PEUC will need to apply every quarter now….I’m not sure whether you’re going to first get that option for April 1 or at your benefit year end on April 13. We’ll have to see. And then whether you have to do BOTH which would be REALLY annoying, but I hope not. We’ll have to see about the April 1…but if it doesn’t appear until April 13, to be safe, wait and do your weekly claim on April 14, let it clear, and then file the new claim April 15th. That said, my husband was able to do it successfully in the opposite order, but why risk it? You have until Wednesday that week for a half a week grace period. I wouldn’t go after Thursday that week. Meanwhile, since April 1 is in the middle of the week, I’m not sure how that will be. And yes, the PEUC is available until 9/4, but ONLY if you also do the benefit year end check. And now this quarterly check too. If you are ever eligible for standard unemployment (UI), the feds want you to go back on that state program instead of their federal money. Meanwhile, I haven’t been able to tell for sure if they ask the same employers any additional information or not, based on your January-April 2020 wages – those weren’t counted in your original base period.

      1. Follow up – are you sure it says 4/13? Usually a benefit year ends on a Saturday….I just looked at the calendar. Perhaps it’s really 4/10? Then you’d file your weekly certification 4/11, let it clear the bank, and do your yearly by Wednesday.

        1. Typo sorry. It is 4/3 but the first extension notice mailed to me said 4/10 was the last week they could pay me even if I had money left. I never received that kind of notice with that extension, which is why I was wondering if they changed my effective end date to 9/4 automatically because under the regular beginning/end date, where it says PEUC2… it says current claim filed 5/13 (there isn’t an end date) effective begin date 12/27 effective end date 9/4.

          The only thing with the April dates is UI, which is exhausted. There is 917 left in SEB that I was kicked off of in Oct like everyone but I don’t think that matters in this.

          1. First – you are correct SEB doesn’t matter – it may only be available come September 4th when PEUC is no longer active…but I doubt the unemployment rate will be that high at that point.

            Second- I’m going to guess that 4/3 you get the option in your left navigation to file a new year. You can do it then or to be safe wait and file your weekly certification the next day, see it clear in your bank Monday or Tuesday, and then complete the new year application by Wednesday if you want to be safe. But my husband did it Saturday before filing Sunday and was fine.

      2. Hi there – I recently applied again for unemployment due to end year. I was on PEUC 2 however they put me on standard UI now. Not sure what that means and why I wasn’t put back on PEUC. Does that interfere with the extra $300?

        1. First – is it still listed as UI after logging out and back in? If the amount is lower than your PEUC2 is (by at least a $25 difference), you should revert back to PEUC through the beginning of September. If you actually had enough to earn HIGHER than your old PEUC2 rate (or within $25 of it), then you stay on UI. Basically, they check if you are eligible for any state money first, before being in a pandemic program, though they understand most worked less, so they made an exception to it if it would drop your rate significantly. That said, ANYONE on unemployment eligible for at least $1 in a given week can get the $300 FPUC. You can earn up to 32 hours and/or up to your weekly benefit amount (before the $300) and still receive the $300. The first 50% of your weekly benefit can be earned free and clear. After that, you get a $1 for $1 deduction. explains it.

  3. Many Kudos for putting this together and keeping me from heart attack. Your blog is well thought, thorough and easy to follow. Thank you so much for the help!! A true life saver.

  4. So here is an interesting development. Today (4/1) . I received an email from unemployment to check my account for important correspondence. Being my benefit year ends on 4/3, I figured it was to instruct me on refiling but no.

    It was the same letter that I spoke of from Feb 22, updated to April 1st. It was called a monetary determination letter. On it, my benefit end year had not changed. However, it said that I am eligible for benefits, listed the same monetary eligibility, amounts, employers etc… and then instead of saying that the last day I could receive benefits (even if I had a balance) was 4/10, it now says 9/4.

    As of now, I do not have an option to refile, but will keep checking.

    1. Yep, both my husband and I got those today – it actually is your PEUC determination. I hadn’t gotten one of those before for the third stimulus yet, which is why it has the September 4th end date. It’s also the first time I’ve seen in writing that you get the first 13 weeks of PEUC, and then they’ll add the others (the reason your PEUC account has to go to $0 before they move you to PEUC2 with the additional weeks). That said, you’ll still need to file for a new benefit year when you hit a year in the program, which for you likely won’t show up until Saturday. And then, per my instructions above, you can either choose to do it that day OR file your weekly certification on Sunday, make sure it goes through, and then file your new weekly benefit year no later than Wednesday.

  5. I have to tell you, you rock. Thanks to you I have figured out what is happening with my account and can get the paper work in today to extend my claim. Goodness knows the CDL website is useless and calling isvannexercise in futility. Have a great day.

  6. Yep. I did my claim on Saturday and got my weekly benefit as normal today. I hope I did the new claim right. I stand as expired active, with my current claim pending. Not the claim itself- it all came back eligible…part of the employment piece is pending. Not sure why or how long it’ll take or if it is a glitch. But I have the tenth as my last week to claim so hopefully the fix it before the 17th.

  7. Hello Again Susan-

    Ok, so my turn to ask the mighty guru (you). So, my benefit year expired 4/4/21. I went through the process right on 4/4/21 (immediately certifying my prior / last week of certification- similar to how your husband did it before receiving payment).

    All went well. I received my prior week benefit payment. I also received a letter confirming my new year eligibility and benefit determination ($96 per week). My status changed to Expired active and although the letter said my knew benefit year effective date was 4/4/21 for 1 year 4/4/22, MyUI still showed benefit year end date of 4/4/21.

    I am on PEUC2.

    Do I need to worry, or just stay the course and do my certification on Sunday as per usual?

    As always, thank you for you sage advice and time and help.

    Will L.

    1. Hi Will, I think you mean me, Erin, owner of this blog, but Susan is welcome to comment too.

      My husband FINALLY this week received his PEUC determination from applying and it still seemed weird because it still had his old benefit year end date. Both of us still have PEUC2 on our home page, and the benefit year end date from earlier in this year, even after applying for a new year. Don’t worry if that has not changed. We’re still receiving money fine, other than an IDme verification that still has to go through now.

      1. Hi Erin

        (sorry about that, I was reading the other blogger). Ok, I will keep status quo then and thank for you diligence and expedience in replying.

        I had to do the thing after the upgrade last Dec-Jan. What a pain. There is actually a gall that writes for the Colorado Sun that has kind of an expose going on the whole Colorado Unemployment thing. She and I had a dialogue when the whole new-and-improved system was unveiled- along with a ton of people (including me) getting tagged with

        To anyone reading, if you have to go through, be aware that they are using data from your credit report for identity verification. So, if you haven’t looked at your credit report in a long time and don’t remember things like old addresses, it will behove you to pull it before speaking with Under the fair credit reporting act, everyone is entitled to one freebie a year.

        Thanks again Erin and anonymous husband. :-).


        1. Oh, Tamara and I are in touch quite a bit. You’ll see me quoted in a lot of her articles. I added the screen brightness tip this week for her. And right now during the pandemic, you’re entitled to a credit report per WEEK from TransUnion. I believe TransUnion is the credit report that uses, too. I haven’t written an post on this blog yet, but I have a long going post in the Facebook group, which is what Tamara linked to this week.

  8. Hi will! Yes you definitely mean Erin!

    Erin- I think that has happened to me as well. My new year that I filed for still says pending but I’m still in PEUC2 under my old year, it still says effective end date 9/4 and I still am receiving per normal. So maybe filing was a formality to keep is on the federal program? Not sure. My 20-21 year says Expired_Active (sounds like my life lol)… is that what yours says. It had said Exhausted_active (sounds like this whole process)

    1. Hi Susan, if you look above, I recently edited the blog to discuss that yes, Expired_Active is normal, and the old benefit year end date applies. And yes, all PEUC2 is through September 4. Yes, I think the same about “exhausted” every time too. Me too.

  9. OMG!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for helping us clarifying all these laws and scenarios! I am just so grateful! You rock!

  10. Hi Erin!
    You seem like a wealth of knowledge on this system!
    I had to reopen my claim this past week 5/28 and now its showing my status as “Expired Active” but not showing me the past 2 weeks claims to be processed- only the weeks before that that had already been processed. Do you possible have any insight into this? Thanks!!

    1. If you had not filed those claims yet, you may need to ask for a backdate request. Try first calling in to the call center, but if they can’t help, try your workforce center. If yours won’t help with unemployment issues, contact Boulder who still will talk to anyone, and have a way to chat with CDLE reps.

      1. Thank you! I called the claim reopening line (303-536-5615) and was connected with someone in less than a minute. I guess I am waiting for a new determination. Thanks for the info and the tip on Boulder (its my local office anyway).

  11. Hi, I filed a new claim at the end of my BYE and a decision was made that i am Monetary ineligible. My PEUC 2 claim still says i have a balance of $6000 still on my claim but my claim status says Expired-Active. What do i do next or have i been denied all benefits. Hope you can help.

    1. Sorry, just seeing this now. So it sounds like you applied for Standard UI, and were denied because you hadn’t made enough money in that year….and put back on PEUC2. This is normal. Expired means you’ve passed a year in the system, but as long as it says active, you should be in good shape. That will be active through September 4th when the program ends. If I’ve misunderstood, and you’re not getting any payment, you’ll want to call in to someone to see what’s going on. Start with the call center at 303-536-5615. If they can’t help, try your local workforce center (, as they can do a three-way chat with CDLE reps who are more trained. If yours won’t take the call, contact Boulder – though they ask you try your local one first, they will talk to anyone. And if available, you can request a callback from CDLE by scheduling through the virtual assistant (or scroll down to that option here:

  12. I filed for unemployment benefits April 30/2021. I had to go through the verification process and as of today Aug. 11/2021 have not received ANY correspondence!
    I feel that over 3 months is adaquate time to receive something! I have contacted CDLE numerous times only to be told ‘ they will contact you! What do I do?

    1. First, we have best results by going through your workforce center, which can set up a direct line with CDLE reps, whether a chat or a three-way phone call. Boulder will take anyone, but they ask you try your local first. If you get the same answer, sometimes a local legislator can help push you through the system.

  13. Thanks for all the posts. If my BYE end date was 7/31/21, I was on PEUC 1. I have reapplied for benefits and it has put me on PEUC2 with status saying Expired_Active, which is all goodl. Last week I certified for my weekly pay, and it did not pay out as there is a pending issue. This pending issue is with the verification…however, I previously completed the verification in April, 2021. I am currently waiting for a scheduled callback from DLE on 8/24/21, do I need to do another verification as I previously already completed it, or do I wait till 8/24 to speak to a DLE rep, but I don’t want to idly wait until then, please advise anything I can do? thanks

    1. There are some fraud triggers that alone can’t fix. Some of those include mismatching names and birthdates, two accounts going to the same bank account, and more. These have to be hand-checked by a CDLE person. I would guess that doing alone won’t help, and might even hurt it. You could try, as I mentioned to another here in a comment, to get a three-way chat with CDLE through your workforce center, but I’m not sure those people could see anything more either.

      1. Thanks for the follow up, the tip to try the workforce center was very helpful as I reached out to the Boulder workforce, and they were able to directly transfer me to an actual CDLE agent. This agent stated that everything is ok on my account and that the pending issue will clear in the next few days. I just have to wait. So we’ll see how the cookie crumbles. Again thanks for putting this info together.

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