Clearing Congestion – Part Two

For several years now, I have sworn by a series of techniques to clear congestion from ears, which I am convinced saved my eardrums on a flight years ago. I wrote a post extolling them in January 2019.

Well, today I saw a post from a friend that simply said, “Sweet Jesus, it works,” with a link to the following YouTube. I tried it, it takes 1-2 minutes total, and it immediately cleared up the tiniest bit of nasal congestion I was fighting. (FYI, negative PCR results came back tonight, so not COVID – whew.) Anyway, check out this 4 minute video and try it yourself. It currently has 297,000 likes and not a single dislike, with many comments from those suffering COVID and other sickness.

I hope this helps you too!

BONUS: You might want to check out his recommendations for posture exercises too. I’ve definitely gotten worse about this during the pandemic, and my side effect from two whiplash rear-end accidents more than a decade ago has been returning. Time to work on those chest and back muscles!