Fun with Light Boards

We’re currently doing theatre (The Hunchback of Notre Dame for New Paradigm Theatre) in a venue that usually hosts rock and roll concerts. My lighting designer Elizabeth M. Stewart has done some great work finessing their limited system/rep plot, with moving lights and a lighting console that works a bit differently than many of those in traditional theatres. Meanwhile, the board has us cracking up.


Instead of “Enter,” the button says, “Please.” Even better, “Undo” is….”Oops.”

This post was originally published on August 19th, and was lost when I had to resort to a backup version of the website from something I evidently screwed up that day. Meanwhile, I’ve also realized now that there’s an eyeball button near the top. As I was no longer near the board, several of us started guessing what it was. One stage manager ventured it was the Eye of Sauron button, and thus “Blind.” According to a lighting friend who actually knows, it’s the “View” button to be able to view info about things like channels or recall views on your touch screens. Now we know.