How to Share in Presenter View on Zoom with Just One Screen (PC)

I’ve been keeping up pretty well with all the latest Zoom updates (yay, co-hosts can now manage breakout rooms!) and how-tos, but here’s one I hadn’t figured out until today. Part of this is because I haven’t gotten into using PowerPoint’s Presenter Mode much, but I really should to save paper. I usually print out my notes…

How to Share in Presenter View (1 Screen, PC)

I got these details from The Complete Guide to Using PowerPoint Presenter View in Zoom – 1, 2 or 3 screens, Windows or Mac. Check out that article if you want to do this with another system.

You’re going to want to get yourself set up before you let anyone into the Zoom Meeting, if at all possible. Ideally, you have both Zoom and PowerPoint open as you work to set this up.

In PowerPoint, make sure you’re in full screen, then hit Alt-5 to go into Presenter Mode. In my case, that looks like this. (Note, Alt-5, not F5)

Screenshot of a Powerpoint presentation in Presenter mode, with shared slide on left, next slide in top right, and presenter notes bottom right

Now, use Alt-Tab to scroll through your open programs to get back to Zoom. (This way, you don’t have to take it out of full screen to do so.)

Select Share Screen at the bottom, then the middle Advanced tab at the top. Select Share a Portion of My Screen.

Screenshot of Zoom's Advanced Screen Share options, highlighting "Share Portion of Screen"

This will create a green square that you can drag around and resize. If you do this BEFORE the audience enters, they don’t need to see this awkward step. Adjust it so that the green box is around the current slide portion of Presenter view, like this:

Screenshot of Zoom with presenter mode, using a green box to select which portion of the screen is shared

I kinda like that on mine it puts the single speaker view over PART of the next slide, but not all of it.

If you are not the first presenter of a meeting, that’s okay. Hit Stop Share once you are set up, and when you share again, making sure you’re in that Advanced mode, the green box will be exactly the same place. (As long as you didn’t go scroll the internet or some other program after PowerPoint!) I do this for regular PowerPoint presentations too, making sure I’m all set up, so people don’t have to see me hit “Start Slideshow,” then stopping the screen share. You can also just go full screen in PowerPoint at any point during the meeting, then Alt-Tab to get to Zoom, allowing your presentation to stay in full screen without the audience seeing you get there.

Now you can have your notes digitally, but still aren’t required to use a dual monitor system!

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