Making the Top Lists of 2018

Well, I guess I've had a pretty good year, with at least two of my shows being included in a "Best of 2018" compliation.

I just found out that Fort Worth Opera's Don Pasquale was included in Gregory Sullivan Isaac's ten favorite performances of music and opera, as listed in Theatre Jones: North Texas Performing Arts News. In this article, he starts with 26 favorites, and our production made the cut for the final ten. I assistant stage managed, directed by Chuck Hudson - May 2018. (Note, Chuck's upcoming production of the same title for Pittsburgh Opera is listed as one of "10 Must See Operas In 2019 [North America Edition]".)

Don Pasquale, featured in black and white similar to silent film era, shouts into a megaphone at his nephew who is represented in a more colorful look.
Don Pasquale at Fort Worth Opera - Photo: Ben Torres/Fort Worth Opera, courtesy of Theatre Jones

Earlier, Boston Lyric Opera's The Barber of Seville was named "Best Large-Scale Opera" by the Boston Globe within their "Best classical performances of 2018." I stage managed, directed by Rosetta Cucchi - October 2018.

Figaro and company are featured on a stylized black and white set in the style of Escher's famous staircases.
The cast of Boston Lyric Opera’s production of THE BARBER OF SEVILLE, directed by Rosetta Cucchi. Photo: Liza Voll Photography (via BLO website)

Of course, my Christmas production wasn't shabby either, and the Las Vegas Weekly did an article on "Six Reasons Nevada Ballet Theatre's 'The Nutcracker' remains a Holiday Must." I have to say a "34-foot-tall Victorian dollhouse" is hard to imagine, and really is stunning to see. This is my second year, and I've gone up to the top level both years...very briefly. Possible photo to come on that - stay tuned. (I stage managed, choreographed by James Canfield - December 2018.)

A four story tall dollhouse set of Nevada Ballet Theatre's Nutcracker is shown, including the Nanny on the top fourth floor.
This picture is from the opening year (2012) of the production, but is still one of the best I've found to show someone on the FOURTH FLOOR of the set! (Photo Nevada Ballet Theatre/Virginia Trudeau as found online at the Review Journal)

The rest of the year was great, but it was excellent to have the year end with nice words about these three strong shows. Congrats to all involved, and let's see what 2019 brings!