Unemployment Call Center Report Form

Image of the button that says Report Call Center Issues
Newly arrived option on the CDLE main website

Well, we have one major point of progress from my meeting two weeks ago.*

There is now a way to report frustrating issues with the Conversion Call Center.

You can find this in one of the blue boxes on the main website, ColoradoUI.gov or even quicker via this direct link to the call center reporting form.

Theoretically, there is a workflow enacted so that those who report getting hung up on will have the call returned. And if it's another issue like an unprofessional call rep, that will also get reported via this form.

The call center has been a big frustration, and we're still trying to figure out exactly what they can and can't answer for people. (And sadly, many of the answers are "that's a glitch.") I was interviewed for another segment of Next with Kyle Clark. Marshall Zelinger also dives into how much money they've spent on the call center. (View below.)

Meanwhile I REALLY hope this FAQ dashboard goes live tomorrow like they keep telling me will happen soon. If people could SEE the list of known glitches, and which one have timeframes, it would sure be a help. That said, the current fixes seem to be working out but in waves. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to why some people get their accounts to open and others don't, when by all appearances they have the same issue. I do know that many people have now received payment for the week 12/27 to 1/2 which had been denied when the first stimulus funding ran out. The "Zero Claim Balance" issue is still being worked on, and was fixed for SOME.

Yeah, I appreciate their sweaters, too.

*I'm going to put this way down here at the bottom. It is not all about me, but this form really is something that happened because of me. When I would report some hang ups, originally I was asked to forward the information along. They seemed to have NO IDEA how many people this was happening to. Also, people don't use their real names on Facebook necessarily, and I don't want the extra manual labor OR the liability of gathering someone's legal name and perhaps last 4 of social, let alone the date and time the call happened. So, since they had started creating forms for other issues, I asked if it was a possibility. It's going to be top/center of this new dashboard, which I have seen in draft mode. I asked if at least that link was shareable yet, and was given the go ahead. I really hope people use it and that notice is taken. And that people get some follow up. I can hope.

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