4 thoughts on “Getting Answers about Colorado Unemployment”

  1. This is a great resource and seen the same situation for many in other states who wrote about their own experience and then found a lot of people coming to their site/video for help. The whole rollout is such a mess. I cover UI topics at a more general level, but the details you have for CO are pretty useful and helpful! Keep it up.

    1. Thank you! I was actually writing about unemployment pre-pandemic, but certainly am trying to help people figure it out now.

  2. Thanks for all you do to cover the unemployment issues. Do you have any word on why some people have not received their 1099-g, and don’t have access to their to it online either? It says “No records found” on the cdle site. They should have been mailed out 4 weeks ago but a lot of people have not seen their yet. The call centers don’t know what’s happening and just say “keep waiting”. I was also told to file for a duplicate copy but have not seen that either.

    1. I have a whole separate post about 1099Gs and the many debaucles of it at http://www.erinjoyswank.com/taxes-and-unemployment-is-my-1099-correct/. I have asked many times when they will be available online, and was given two different possible dates, both in the past. And yeah, I don’t know if anyone who has requested their duplicate has received it. (Meanwhile, I personally had absolutely no issue getting my paper versions, with all the right numbers, as did my husband.)

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