Opera Stage Management 101 – Part Six: Piano Tech & Artist Takeover Day

Yesterday was a long day of tech, and you get a different form of blog post today....because I was the one doing the Artist Takeover for the company's Twitter feed. I really could only post when we were doing the light cueing, or at the end of the night because of my focus, but occasionally I'd grab a photo while walking past something in order to post it several hours later. Here's a glimpse at my day.



(Full disclosure - I took the above shot about 12:45p, and then wasn't able to post it for another very busy five hours or so...)

Yep, Eeyore is making new friends. This shot was taken on a 15 minute break during Piano Tech.

When I got home, I was instant messaging with a friend who told me this STAGE RIGHT sign was actually painted as a scenic element for the film The Tooth Fairy, with The Rock. I haven't investigated further to verify, but will ask around today. [Update: film title is actually The Game Plan.] He also told me another fun thing to look for in the theatre, so we'll see if I find it.

I have SOOOOO much further to go with this cueing sequence, but I wanted to capture it since I had permission! Not terrible for the first time, definitely shows signs for improvement. My ASMs each give me a clear for "left" and "right" when singers are set on a piece. I can see it fine from front of house, but it will be a big white blob in the middle of my monitor when I'm calling from backstage.

We like this phrase...a lot. Opera singers don't use microphones, but I do!

And now to head out for another day!

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