PUA 90 Day Questionnaire – Filling Out and Appealing (Colorado Unemployment)

Technically, all pandemic unemployment benefit options are over, unless new legislation is made. I was hoping things would slow down in our Facebook group, but there are now two sets of questions regarding the PUA 90-Day Questionnaire. One is for those trying to figure out how to fill it out, another for those appealing a determination saying they hadn’t turned things in and were denied.

Let me make this clear – you must fill out the 90-day questionnaire, even if you have submitted all this information before, or you may have to PAY BACK everything you’ve received since December 27, 2020. During a recent press call (starting about 14 minutes in), CDLE said that documents you submit for ONE issue cannot necessarily be seen from ANOTHER issue that you’ve already answered. Yeah, technology is helpful.

Here is some advice I’ve compiled from many sources within the group (and CDLE – you know they DO have some information on the website…):

Background on why you’re asked to do the questionnaire

From CDLE’s website:

The Continued Assistance for Unemployed Workers Act and American Rescue Plan Act extended Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) benefits and required PUA claimants to provide proof of employment, self employment, or proof of planned commencement of employment or self-employment (attachment to the workforce) within 90 days from when they are noticed.

From the Denver Channel article (emphasis added):

“Spesshardt says there are still ways to resolve the overpayment issues even after the notifications were sent. He says the most important thing to do is to appeal the notice with whatever information is available to challenge it. “The first step is an individual would want to do is appeal that decision because that is what ultimately can make that overpayment go away,” said Spesshardt. “Collection activity can only begin on an unemployment insurance payment once a decision is final.”
The CDLE is gearing up to send another round of notifications to a new group of 21,000 Coloradans who will have 90 days to respond or face similar headaches. Spesshardt says anyone who identifies as a gig worker who received unemployment assistance in 2021 should check their inbox.”

I’ll add: PUA was a totally new program created during the pandemic, so that people with only 1099 wages could receive unemployment. Usually unemployment benefits are only available to those with W2 earnings. While many people believe they are the ones who put into their unemployment fund, it is actually the EMPLOYERS who have put into the fund, and get charged higher if people then use those funds. This is why they may contest your request for benefits, especially if you were fired for adequate reasoning. Here’s more on What Does an Unemployment Claim Cost an Employer? Also, the press call said that you may be given an ineligible determination if you HAD turned in documentation, but it wasn’t ENOUGH documentation.

To FIND the appeal and turn it in electronically through MyUI+, instead of faxing or mailing:

Go to Issues and Determinations (within , under Determinations of Eligibility find the one that says “PUA – mailed”, open it by clicking the document ID, click “view determination”, once that is clicked and they’ve viewed the determination and closed it, the “appeal this decision” will appear right on their screen, they click that and follow the prompts. Once they submit the appeal the “PUA – mailed” turns back to “PUA – pending” and the level changes from adjudication to appeals.

Advice on wording your appeal, from Brian Stutheit:

Consider whether the following language fits your circumstances and if you might use it to start your appeal. Remember, you must file your appeal on time. “Reasons I disagree with the September 16, 2021 Notice of Determination:
1) Contrary to the Notice of Determination, I responded to every request by the Division.
2) The Notice contains a spreadsheet documenting only $6,276 in alleged overpayments, but sets the total claimed overpaid at $17,782.
3) As recently as June 28, 2021 the division approved my eligibility through June 26, 2021, having considered the same questions by the Division and answers by me which the Division now says I failed to respond to. “
“I have repeatedly sent my earnings records, including tax returns, to the Division. I will provide copies to the hearing officer on appeal.”
“The Notice of Determination gives me insufficient information about the basis for the overpayment decision, and denies me the opportunity to adequately appeal.” What you are trying to do with your appeal is preserve your right to have a hearing with an impartial hearing officer who, unlike so many agents for the Division of Unemployment, has the time and authority to hear your side of the story. You need not go into great detail, but you should respond directly and deny the Reasoning and Findings which is in the Notice of Determination.

Adding supporting documents

If there is any section that says “do you have more you want to add” or “add additional pages to support”, etc. then include the documents they said you didn’t turn in the first time. The list of acceptable documents is at this CDLE link, but most turn in a Schedule C from their federal tax return. From another member: With the electronic appeal, if people want to attach their own documents, they can do so once it changes back to “PUA -pending- appeals”. They just open the determination again and it will ask if they want to view appeals documents or something like that, they click yes, and it will take them to where they can upload their own documents. Once their documents are uploaded it will list them and show them when they view their determination and click view appeals documents. It’s one of the reasons why I think this is the far superior way to file an appeal. CDLE can’t say it wasn’t done because it’s all documented in their account.Do’s and Don’ts of Submitting Documents (from CDLE emails sent to claimants): Here are a few tips to ensure your claim and documents are processed as quickly as possible: DO: ✓ Use MyUI+ to respond to questionnaires, file an appeal, or upload supporting documentation rather than faxing or mailing. Faxing or mailing materials will extend processing times. ✓ When submitting documents by fax or mail, return the barcoded CDLE form with any supporting documentation, and make sure the barcoded form is on top! ✓ Include your name and Claimant ID number on any pages which are not a barcoded CDLE form. ✓ When returning multiple forms, make sure all pages are in the proper order with the CDLE barcoded form being on top of any supporting documentation for each form. ✓ If you are unable to return the form, include the Document ID on all pages. This can be found at the bottom left corner of the form. DON’T: ✗ When submitting documents by fax, do not include a cover page other than the CDLE barcoded form. ✗ Do not send multiple pages in single-page faxes. EDIT 9/23: Also, HAVE ALL OF YOUR DOCUMENTS READY TO GO so that it doesn’t time out for you. We have had one person with that issue (when completing the original questionnaire, not the appeal).

If you are mailing or faxing in your appeal

Add the documentation as separate pages. Some are choosing to use registered mail. You can also fax by scanning all documents, either through phone apps, or my choice of using FaxZero. It is free for up to 5 pages, or was $2.09 for me for 6-25 pages. But, I agree with the other person that if you can manage to do it online, they can’t say they didn’t receive it. We have had issues, however, with people getting error messags that their files were too big. Scanning is certainly more convenient than heading out to FedEx or some place. Be sure to include your Claimant ID number on all pages. They suggest no cover letter, but frankly, FaxZero insists on sending one.

If you are JUST NOW receiving the 90 day questionnaire

EDIT 9/23 – Follow the CDLE link in the paragraph above on how to submit, as well as this blog post’s section about submitting documents, but we also have the following information: Access the questionnaire from the Inbox of your account. That is where it should be. Once completed there should be a box to check that you have documents to upload. If you don’t have a questionnaire, go to Issues & Determinations, scroll down to Determinations of Eligibility, find the one that says PUA Pending with the most recent date. Click on the Issue ID and it will open a new page. On that page fill in the little box to provide additional info with the info she is submitting and why, then check the box that says “Check here if you would like to provide any additional documentation that is relevant for this issue” and that will take you to a page to upload her documents. Also, HAVE ALL OF YOUR DOCUMENTS READY TO GO so that it doesn’t time out for you. We have had one person with that issue.

If your appeal is also denied, you can request a waiver

Per the press call (around the 31 minute mark): “Parties do have the ability to again appeal decisions that create those overpayments, and they also have the ability to request waiver of those overpayments, which are then reviewed and determined based on an individual’s circumstances to repay. Whether the waiver would be granted or denied – even if we ultimately deny a waiver, an individual has an appeal right to such denial also.

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  1. As of 3:30 p.m. on October 5, 2021, I tried to log in to MyUI+ to upload my appeal and supporting documents. I tried three times with the same username and password I’ve always used for MyUI+. (I tried once on my Brave browser and twice on Google Chrome, just to make sure it wasn’t a browser issue.) When I could not log in, I clicked on “Forgot Password” and I was redirected back to the main error page. The error message at the bottom of the login page reads as follows: “The log on information you entered could not be verified. Please wait and try again later by using the Forgot Password button or Login. If you continue to experience problems, please contact the Unemployment Insurance Operations Center at 303-318-9000 or 1-800-388-5515 for English, or 1-866-422-0402 for Spanish. The Unemployment Insurance Operations Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.” Of course, all of the numbers are automated and the office closed at 4:00, so I am locked out of the online system. I was considering waiting until tomorrow morning to try to get back online, but I have zero faith in the MyUI+ system and in the unemployment office in general. I will now be sending in my appeal through my Faxzero account, where at least I can get a confirmation of delivery and receipt.

  2. I am a freelancer who was on unemployment for the first time in my life over this pandemic period. By mid summer 2021 I was making solid money again and chose to discontinue unemployment benefits. (No, not everyone was trying to scam the government!) Everything seemed to go pretty smooth until the very last step where I asked to provide proof on self employment by September 15th.

    All my attempts at uploading supporting documentation were rejected by My UI website with error messages! Files too big, wrong type? Who knows, I shrugged and gave up. On 9/16 I get a message saying my claim has been rejected and I’m on the hook for $15k in benefits paid out in 2021. ?

    I wound up with an unemployment attorney named James Abrams who guided me through the whole process. First I filed an appeal with a letter dictated by him and submitted my supporting documentation via certified mail.

    I revived a notice of a hearing date and sent my hearing officer all my supporting documentation again via email.

    This week I received a notice from CDLE that my claim had been upheld and my hearing cancelled. Let’s just say Mr. Abrams knows the right people. [wink]

    $750 well spent.

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