Confusing Non-Monetary Determination Notices for Colorado Unemployment

Many are getting emails from the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment (CDLE) that they just can't follow. Let's go through it. (Spoiler Alert, this is probably NOTHING for you to stress over. Keep reading.)

What the Email Says

Subject Line: Notification from COUI

(Yes, this is a legit address - save it to your contacts; also, all deputy emails should end with this after the "@" to be legit)

Wording in email:

You have unemployment insurance documents that are ready to be viewed. The documents may have due dates and require that you respond by a specific date and time explained in each document. Below is a list of pending documents:

Non-Monetary Determination - Document ID: [Mine was an 8 digit number...]

Log into your account at From your Homepage, you can search for documents by clicking on the correspondence link. From your Homepage, if you need to take action you will see Important Messages that require your attention.

Be sure to follow all instructions included in each document when responding. If you do not respond on time, we will move forward without your information.

How to actually find the Determination in MyUI+

Okay, so then you log in to your MyUI+ account....and there is NOTHING in your Correspondence link. I know. This email arrived 8 hours ago (July 31), and as of right now, there is still nothing in Correspondence.* HOWEVER, there IS something in my Issues & Determinations, found by clicking first on View & Maintain Account Information. I sent an email to CDLE officials asking them to change this automated wording - they haven't yet. I've also had some say it also appears the next day in Correspondence later. We'll see if mine does tomorrow. [*UPDATE, mine appeared in Correspondences the next morning (8/1), though dated as 10:55am 7/31 in Correspondences, with the PDF itself having a date in the future of 8/2. That's not confusing....]

Scroll down past the blue bar that says Monetary Determination and all of your active claims. Look for the blue bar saying Determination of Eligibility.

At the right edge of the screen, click Date Mailed, twice, so that it sorts by most recent.

If it's like my account, the most recent one says Level - Redetermination. It also probably has the name of a company in it. The Issue Identification Number will NOT match the number you were given in your email. Oddly, mine is dated for August 2nd. Today is only July 31. Click on that one you've just found, via the blue number link (pop-ups enabled).

This quick summary hopefully for you ends with "Determination: Eligible". At the very bottom of this new page, click View Determination. You should now have a PDF that you can view and save.

And look there in the top right corner, there is both an Issue Identification Number (what was listed in MyUI+) and a Correspondence ID number - yep, it matches what was in the email. Sigh.

Okay, now WHAT IS THIS?

As was sent to us in weekly CDLE update emails (archive online here):

Notices of Determination
Over the coming weeks, some claimants will receive a Notice of Determination in the mail concerning benefits which were received during the COVID-19 pandemic. These notices are related to the administration of existing claims and are not an indication of any additional benefits or eligibility. Most claimants can disregard this notice. However, claimants’ former employers could appeal benefit payments charged against their accounts, so please be sure to participate in the appeal process if you receive a separate appeal notification.

Screenshot of CDLE yellow alert saying that both employers and claimants will begin to receive email and/or mail notices with pandemic-related claim decisions.
From the CDLE website

There is also a yellow alert link about this on several pages of the CDLE site:

ALERT | 7.22.2021 | 4:00 p.m.
Both employers and claimants will begin to receive email and/or mail notices with pandemic-related claim decisions (“Notice of Determination”). Learn more about these decisions>

And in the PDF itself, it most likely has wording that you DID file a pandemic claim, and you (CLAIMANT) ARE eligible. There's also a copy sent to the Employer on record, and they get a notice that it's a pandemic claim and they won't be charged. The employer still has the ability to appeal this, but if they didn't the first time, they likely won't the second either.

THIS IS ALL A PAPERWORK FORMALITY. DON'T STRESS ABOUT IT, IF IT ALL LOOKS CORRECT. Yes, you can appeal, but, you were determined Eligible. Don't appeal that!


Added comment from a viewer: When you check your Home Page, if you don't have Pending Issues, relax; They are doing duplicates.

I'll also add that many of these - mine included have a note at the bottom saying you may have other pending issues that affect it. In my case, it looks like the weeks I made more than my weekly benefit and reported those earnings. I should be fine.

As to WHY we are getting these? There's some update in the system, that's for sure. In my case, I only received ONE so far, and it's for one of the two employers that were included in my new base period when I filed for a second year [it's from wages I earned October to December 2019, which weren't included in my original claim filed pre-pandemic, yet still worked before the pandemic, as my claim starts over in February each year]. That second employer is often "not found" in the system, though I send in W2 paystubs each year, though it actually is on my wage determination this year. We'll see if any more show up. My husband has received four so far, one last week matches the same employer as one of the three this week (he, too, works for multiple event companies). I have heard of others receiving repeat notices as well. Just check that none of them say you were deemed INeligible. That's when you have an issue. Otherwise, file it away in your documents.

15 thoughts on “Confusing Non-Monetary Determination Notices for Colorado Unemployment”

  1. Omg! I had no issues..last week I received my balance 37.00 and 300.00 last . in my ui menu, recertification was listed, so I recertify and additional money was added to my acct!!! This past Sunday request payment…..back to the reg amt+ 300.00… No problem….So far!!

  2. Thank you, Erin, for providing much-needed clarity to this confusing letter. I’ve been unemployed for one month now and I couldn’t decipher why I received this letter.

    I also wondered if anyone has experienced another issue. I filed for unemployment benefits without a problem and received payments for the first two weeks. However, I have not received direct deposits for the last two weeks even though the payments are labeled as “Processed.”

    I have tried to speak with someone at the Unemployment Benefits office, but there are no representatives available and they do not have any “scheduled call backs” available. The automated system states that new call back appointments are available starting on Mondays. I have called at 9am the past two Mondays and the call back appointments are already booked for the week.

    Has anyone experienced the issue of not receiving payments even though the payment is apparently processed? Is there another way outside of the 800 number to contact the Unemployment Benefits office to discuss this issue?

    Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. It sounds like you are calling what is usually an automated-only line (though every so often people are now starting to get live people, which hadn’t happened for months). The first call center is the 5615 number on this page: We also find most people have the best results calling their local Workforce Center number, then being put on a “hotline” with CDLE reps who are trained more than the call center (5615) people. If your own WC won’t deal with unemployment calls, then call Boulder. They will talk to anyone, regardless of location, but ask you try through your own local first. I would also check if your banking information was changed – a few have had that issue. And to click on the blue ID number for those that were processed,to see if you were DUE payment or if it says $0. (Were any other deductions taken out besides taxes, for instance.)

  4. I just received a notice of determination stating they find me exempt from coverage for unemployment benefits as a sole proprietor. I am not sure what that means, is it due to pua ending?

    1. I am not that familiar with PUA accounts, so I would suggest you call in to ask whether it is tied to pre-September or post-September funds.

  5. Erin, I did receive one of these letters and mine says that my self-employment is in question and I am exempt from coverage.

    (I did go through an appeals process a few months ago as they had my 1040 income info wrong. They still have it wrong but I was tired of dealing with it and just took the lower benefits.) I have been on PUA since 3/2020.

    Should I file the appeal? My benefits are ending Sept 4th. I probably won’t get a hearing until November. Will they charge me an overpayment if I don’t appeal? I am so confused by this letter. Perhaps you can help or direct me to the help I need.

    1. I would call in to have someone talk you through it. We often get the best results by calling your Workforce Center, who can connect with CDLE reps in a three way chat. If your local workforce won’t assist, call Boulder.

    2. I believe i might be having a similar issue; I am self-employed. My benefits ceased a while ago-when the PUA finished. However, I just received an email that sounds similar and that I can set up a payment plan to return everything. In my claim status it does say INeligible. I have called anode course cannot speak with anyone or even set-up an appointment for a call back. I can tic no boxes nor are there any current or past PDFs. Before I found this article I discovered something similar about the appeals, in a panic I wrote an appeal and went and posted it off. It says it will take six weeks. I am a nervous wreck, I cannot comprehend why I was approved and now it is revoked. I do not want anything else; I have not received anything for months now; however, I cannot possibly pay back the amount they are requesting. Any advice on where to turn?

      1. There are quite a few people who got notices this morning that they had not filled out the 90 Day PUA questionnaire, which was due earlier this month….some hadn’t, but some have proof that they did. The folx from Boulder’s workforce center advised me that CDLE reps are telling them to have people call the Overpayments number (which is always very busy/long hold), and if not, to do that appeal you mentioned. You are not alone, is the main thing I can tell you.

      2. Update – Boulder folx informed me that Overpayments cannot clear this issue, and an appeal needs to be filed.

  6. Hi Erin can you tell me how to get my regular unemployment claim back dated. I lost my job in May but didnt file until October. Do you know the process of this or do you know who I can call and talk to to get that back dated? Is there a form or do I just need to talk to someone? Thanks ~Emily

    1. Oof. You’re going to have to really justify why you didn’t try earlier on filing. At this point you’re definitely going to need to talk to someone. There used to be a backdate request form, but it appears to have disappeared with the implementation of the MyUI+ system in January/February. I also think there was wording in the second stimulus that things could only be backdated to December 2020. Try the 5615 number on CDLE’s contact us page, and if they can’t easily help, call your workforce center. If your local one won’t help, Boulder will take anyone’s call, but you will often have to go to voicemail first due to their popularity (and helpfulness). Workforce centers have the ability to do a three-way chat with CDLE reps that have more training than the call center.

  7. I have 4 active monetary claims 3 of them have not been paid out and the last one was the one that was paid out and the other ones the benefit years are expired but I recieved the letter of determination after the benefit year was expired also every letter states that it this determination has caused an overpayment of benefits which I don’t understand how and also my payments I received they took out 75-200 out of each payment that was issued I had filed an appeal on all notices due to the overpayments and was never taken care of in fact they have all been cleared without anything being solved or corresponded with. I really need help I was deprived of benefits I was erroneously disqualified for then fixed but never received my benefits I called to speak with multiple representatives and they do not help me and won’t let me speak with a supervisor or manager and get no where I have spoke with overpayments and they said that they know it looks like a mess but just to fill out a waiver request form and every thing should be fixed but I did do that and when all my pending issues and determinations were cleared it also cleared out the waiver and other appeals I had made with no justice prevailed. Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!

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