Upcoming Virtual Event – Turn The Page With Colorado Matters: As A Woman (June 30)

I’ve spent much of this summer (yeah, I know, it’s not technically summer yet, but it definitely doesn’t feel like spring any more….) working on virtual conferences with TLC Events. We have one more coming up as June turns to July, for the American Society for Neurochemistry, which we’ve been prepping, though I’ve primarily had a couple weeks decompressing from being on the computer so much after 5 solid weeks in a row. Whew!

Meanwhile, I’m also excited to say I’ll be working with Colorado Public Radio again, on the Shindig platform, with another discussion with an author. This time, Turn the Page with Colorado Matters will focus on author Paula Stone Williams, and her book As a Woman: What I Learned About Power, Sex, and the Patriarchy after I Transitioned. I downloaded a Kindle ebook sample to read a couple chapters, and I have to say I’m very intrigued. I went ahead and downloaded the full ebook, and plan to see how much I can read on my plane trip this week. I’ll finally get to see my mother after a year and a half! And since I work virtually these days, I can work there, too, to help prep both projects.

Registration is free for the event, held Wednesday, June 30th at 6p Mountain. Won’t you come join us? The 90 minute event will be edited for later airing on Colorado Public Radio.

Paula Stone Williams also has a Ted Talk, which gives you a nice flavor of the discussion, too. I’m very much looking forward to both the read, and the discussion.

Meanwhile, while I’m definitely missing being in a rehearsal room or booth, instead of working solo out of my basement, it’s also been refreshing to have a flexible enough schedule recently to both earn some money AND spend time with fully-vaccinated friends and family.

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    1. Sorry, just seeing this now, so hopefully you got it all settled. All PUA, and some PEUC, had to refile at the quarter change July 1st. It’s a federal requirement to check if you are at all eligible for Standard UI (Unemployment Insurance) before you can continue on a federal program (PUA or PEUC). They want the states to pay any money due to you before the federal money is spent.

  2. HI Erin,
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